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DISCOGRAPHY Albums Another Earthquake Oh Aaron Aaron's Party (Come Get It) Surfin' USA Aaron Carter Top Singles To All the Girls Do You Remember 2 Good 2 Be True Not Too Young, Not Too Old Aaron's Party (Come Get It)

BIOGRAPHY FULL NAME: Aaron Charles Carter PLACE OF BIRTH: Tampa Bay, Florida AGE: 15 SHOE SIZE:10 Height: 5'10 NICKNAMES: Airboy, A.C WEIGHT: 97 pounds DATE OF BIRTH: 7th December 1987 STARSIGN: Sagittarius HOBBIES: Saxophone, swimming, video games, fishing and basketball FAMILY: Mum Jane, Dad Bob, brother Nick (22), sisters Angel (15 -twin) Leslie (15), BJ (20), half sister Ginger (27) PETS: 17 altogether - 3 cats(Lucky, Muffy & Sugar) 4 dogs(Pepper & Salty are mini schnauzers and Samson & Simba are cat hating guard dogs), 1 iguana, birds (Goliath & Lady) WORST HABIT: biting his nails PHOBIAS: Sharks, Spiders, tales of the crypt GIRLFRIEND: None BEST FRIEND: John MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT:According to Aaron: "There was this one time where I went out on my motor bike and skidded over Simba. I was mega embarrassed because Angel saw it and ran back to tell everyone, luckily Simba (our dog) was ok but my mom was sceaming at me!." FAVE FOOD: Pizza, chicken WORST FOOD: Broccolli BEST ACTOR: Sylvester Stallone, Tiffani Amber FAVE POP GROUP: BSB 1st APPERANCE ON TV: BSB concert FAVE COLOUR: Green and Blue FAVE CLOTHING: Tommy Hilfiger FAVE PRESENT FROM A FAN: Brown monkey - CC (Chocolate Carter) MOST PRIZED POSSESION: his motorcycle IN 3 WORDS HE'S: Hyperactive, fun, cute FAVE SCHOOL SUBJECT: Maths WORST SCHOOL SUBJECT: IDOL: Nick Carter FAVE HOLIDAY: Hawaii BEST THING ABOUT BEING A POP STAR: Going to different countries to perform FAVE TOYS - Collections: Ninja Turtles, pokemon cards, trainers (sneakers), tamagotchies, beanie babies. used to collect pogs. HAIR: blonde EYES: brown FAVE MOVIES: Ninja Turtles 1, 2 and 3 FAVE PART OF BODY: His hair CRUSHES: Olsen Twins and Jenifer Love Hewitt FAVE DRINK: Sprite FUTURE GOALS: movies, music and television FAVE BOOK: Goosebumps FAVE AUTHOR: R. L. Stine FAVE DAYS: Christmas and Birthday NEWS Another Earthquake!a new album In Stores NOW! Aaron's new album is "Another Earthquake!" and is in-stores now!! AC just got out of the studio and put the finishing touches on the new album which looks like it will be his best yet. "Summertime" featuring the Baha Men is the first single and video. A new AC record is here...how cool is that!?! Aaron N' Nick Live! If you missed it, earlier this year Aaron and BackStreet Boy big brother Nick Carter appeared on the Early Show at Central Park in NYC. They talk about their upcoming records and performed "Not Too Young, Not Too Old!!!" Check it all out at CBS.com! Aaron Interview Vteens caught up with Aaron when he came through New York recently for his Zootopia performance. Check out the "The World According to Aaron Carter. Oh, and brother Nick was there too. Very Cool Performance & Interview AOL users must go to Keyword: Sessions @ AOL to check out Aaron's special performance of "Another Earthquake" and "To All The Girls". There's also a great interview close-up. This is great!