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BIOGRAPHY Biography Keanu in the Shadows As I'm often asked (mainly by my husband) the extremely boring and rather whimsical question, 'Just what is it you like about that Keanu?' I thought I'd set the record straight once and for all by writing to share with other Keanu fans and non-fans alike (namely my husband) a small slice of my life where Keanu lives very much in the shadows (and anywhere else I can squeeze in a sneaky photo!) Of being a huge Keanu follower and to express how I've watched this man grow industriously and gracefully in the limelight we like to call 'Fame'. If memory serves right it really all began many years ago in the December of 1983. I'm British and was spending the Christmas Season with relatives in Palm Springs, Florida. I will never forget the eventful day as it was around the eve of my 18th birthday and I, not realising the contenting age for the consumption of alcohol is 21 in Florida was under the impression I'd at last have my first legal drink. Boy, was I ever wrong! On the day in question I was quite literally dragging my poor foot sore cousin around the malls looking for a rather elusive electrical store which I was told sold travel plug converters (I was desperate to get my hairdryer to work a much needed miracle on my hair) and on entering one shop in particular I found myself radically dropping my 'Bionic man Lee Majors' craze like a bad habit in favour of experiencing my very first Keanu encounter. We'd entered a small novel shop with televisions all switched on and blaring loudly and all wedged into every available crevice the shop owner could feasibly squeeze them into. I was milling around the place generally making a nuisance of myself for my cousin, who was desperately trying to describe exactly what a travel plug converter was to a very unimpressed shop owner, when suddenly I heard an amazing chuckle right behind me. It was full of roguishness; light hearted and on hearing it I, expecting to see the owner of this wonderful laugh stood right behind me, pout my lips flirtingly (well, it was considered fashion at the time) and timidly glanced over my shoulder. I was instead greeted by a 27 inch colour screen with a handsome, if a bit spotty, young mans face strewn all over it. Even so, I was not disappointed. His eyes were bright and dancing with energy, his hair lank, long and floppy and whilst he laughed his extremely hearty and contagious laugh I stood there transfixed. Glued to the spot. Jaw on the floor. Without removing my eyes of a very young Keanu I listened in awe as the host asked how far he was going? With a cocky grin Keanu retorted, 'all the way man. All the way.' It was at this point my cousin tugged at my sleeve and much to my protest physically peeled my nose of the television screen and sadly pushed me out of the store. I came home to England soon after and fell head over heels in love with a 'drop dead gorgeous' fella of my own (I have to say that just in case he's reading) but often found myself wondering what ever become of this lad from across the pond? Not knowing the strangers name or even his profession I had no idea Keanu had already made several films and was later, (thanks to a in-depth review in an equally wonderful magazine adorning Keanu in leather trousers on the cover), to discover; On 2 September 1964 and according to the diehard "I'm a Keanu fan and dead proud of it" legend, "the sun shone in the heavens, the stars twinkled in the skies, the birds sung deliriously and the Gods blessed the day for a man who would single-handedly change the course of so many people's lives was born unto this fair earth". Yes, put simply, Keanu Charles Reeves was born. Born in Lebanon, Beirut and moving to Australia not long after his parents were well travelled and made sure their son saw the cultures of many lands. Within two years Keanu became a brother to Kim and within no time and eager to see the world the family soon moved on. Their Mother, Patricia, moved to NY where she married the film/stage director Paul Aaron. Keanu found his new stepfather fascinating and yet again within a short period of time the family uprooted to Toronto, Canada. Over time Patric and Aaron split up and Keanu's Mother remarried a rock promoter called Robert Miller. Sister Karina was born. During this time Patric proved to be an able seamstress and created many beautiful gowns for her own business of designing costumes for the theatre and rock �n� roll personalities leaving Keanu with wonderful memories fake vomit and of having "really cool" costumes when Halloween came round! Sadly schooling did not come easy to Keanu, however he excelled in the area of sports proving to be a 'jolly-good' hockey player and was somehow able to wangle his tongue about those more unpronounceable pronouns of Latin. In 1980, Keanu decided he wanted to be an 'artist of the stage and screen' and announced he planned to audition for the, 'High School of Performing Arts'. Naturally he was accepted at once and just as naturally he was soon kicked out. Undeterred by circumstances beyond his control, he took all manner of part time jobs until he applied and was received well at 'Leah Posluns', a respected acting school. As he had not lost his energy, rebellious spirit and retained his own special style, which adhered him to the students Keanu was put into the advanced class immediately. It was through his part in a stage production, �For Adults Only� his first acting role; a representative of the casting community employed him immediately and consequently Keanu got his first agent, who in turn got him work in commercials, ('Kellogg's Cornflakes' and 'Coca-Cola') along with small parts in television. In the spring of 1984 Keanu was cast in his first professional stage production, �Wolfboy�. The publicity photographs alone were seen as ahead of their time. 'Wolfboy' was a fringe stage play, which had Keanu play a suicidal youth sent to a mental hospital. There he met a mentally disturbed male prostitute (go figure�) who just happened to think he was a wolf, in tow acted sheepishly, and in time seduced poor Keanu. The play dealt with homosexuality at a time when the theatre didn't publicly address it and the publicity photos alone made you smile from ear to ear. Rather erotic they featured Keanu and his co-star Carl Marotte, both sprayed with water, holding each other whilst almost kissing. Soon afterwards Keanu went on to work in a major film starring Swayze and Lowe. Not only was this minor part apt for him personally it also utilised one of his many talents for he played an ice hockey goalie, which is where the story of my life as a delusional Keanuholic once more collides with Keanu's career. During this time we had just moved into our new home when our daughter was born both occurring in the very hectic month of July 1988. Still, I had heard no news of Keanu. With Motherhood came all the normal pressures - sleepless nights, wondering what had become of Keanu, dirty nappies, wondering what had become of Keanu, psychedelically vomit stained clothes, the constant search through newspapers or magazines for information on Keanu, which seeing as I had no idea of his name was a practically pointless adventure! Life, at the time, generally revolved around our running about like headless chickens and concurrently it was sheer disorganised bliss. I was so involved with my daughter, my 'drop dead gorgeous' husband (you can never be to careful, he may still be reading�.) my new home and trying to find just whereabouts the phone was hidden under the hideous mountain of unpacked boxes to take any notice in the gossip from friends of the 'up and coming young man' on the movie scene or what was actually showing at the local cinemas. It was not until my friends showed me that there was life beyond nappies and persuaded me to have a much needed girls night in that Keanu began to creep back into my thoughts and life again. As one of my friends is a huge Patrick Swayze fan she rented out a little known film called 'Youngblood'. Not being a big Swayze fan nor knowing one thing about Ice Hockey and actually believing 'Puck' was in fact a mispronounced American swear word I wasn't particularly impressed even so I looked forward to a good evening in with the girls and with my friends all gathered around the TV I settled down for a very surprising nights entertainment. Over the course of the next few months I discovered Keanu drove his worn out 1969 British racing green Volvo 'Dumpy' to concerts, it even managed to get him to America, where he eventually moved to find work. Keanu had loved Toronto and when asked later on in his career what he missed most about the place his answer was emphatic, �Mom�. After moving it wasn't long before film company establishments quickly took notice of Keanu for he showed great promise by the sheer class of work he had behind him. Whilst struggling to get established many popular actors are somewhat embarrassed by the roles they took early on in their careers. This is not true of Keanu for he has made some incredible films, �River�s Edge�, �Under The Influence� and �Permanent Record� were all strong character roles, even citing �River�s Edge� as a film he is proud of today. With a supportive manager, Erwin Stoff, behind him, who was recommended by Paul Aaron Keanu's career had gone from strength to strength and has over the course of the years endeavoured to make a film for all tastes. Great filmmakers from all over the world have sought out his talent. He's done science fiction, comedy, romance and drama. Kenneth Branagh and Bernado Bertolucci have worked with Keanu on �Much Ado about Nothing� & ��Little Buddha� both saying how committed he was. This was very apparent in �Buddha� as Keanu lived on oranges and water to gain his stealth like figure. The trappings of fame and extravagant lifestyle spoil many, but not Keanu who doesn�t have a home and is notoriously generous with his family. He remains loyal and trustworthy to his friends. Soon after the hugely successful and mega grossing 'Speed' hit our screens he repaid a favour to an old director by playing 'Hamlet' in the small town of Winnipeg, Canada. He also excels at playing bass guitar with his band 'Dogstar' on which he is quoted as saying, 'We ain�t so bad�. He doesn't mind if a project is not the huge money spinning ego trip demanded by so many, yet, it would seem, prefers to work on something that interests him and has often worked on Independent Films such as 'The Last Time I Committed Suicide' and 'Feeling Minnesota'. So much has happened since I watched 'Youngblood' all those years ago. I've had two boys to add to my ever-growing collection of children, Keanu has made in excess of sixteen films during the same period of time. Stage For Adults Only ~ (1983), Wolfboy ~ Bernie (1984), Romeo & Juliet ~ Mercutio (1985), The Tempest ~ Trinculo (1989), Hamlet ~ Hamlet (1995) Television Kellogg�s Cornflakes Commercial ~ Waiter (1980), Hangin� In ~ Street kid (1979), Coca-Cola Commercial ~ Cyclist (1980), Night Heat ~ Thug#1 (1984), Letting Go ~ Client (1985) One Step Away ~ Ron Petri (1985), Fast Food ~ Pilot (1985), Moving Day/Trying Times Series ~ Joey (1986), MTV Advert (1988), Bill & Ted Cartoon Series ~ Voice of Ted (1990) Two Lost Souls (Sketch on Tracy Ullman Show) ~ Jesse (1990), Rush, Rush ~ Paula Abdul Music Video (1991), Suntory Whiskey Commercial (1991), Blood Lines ~The making of Dracula (1991), Chasing the light ~ The making of Much Ado About Nothing (1992), In search of Buddha ~ The Making of Little Buddha (1992), The Making of Speed (1993), Children Remember The Holocaust ~ Host (1995), The Making of Matrix (1999), Action ~ Himself (1999) to name but a few�) During those early years I soon discovered 'Bill & Ted' had already visited our cinemas and was soon to be released on video along with several other Keanu films I'd somehow missed. Go figure? I'm still asking myself the question, 'Just where had I been to miss so much?' On top of which over the course of the next twelve months and following the release of 'Point Break' I soon began seeing his face all over adult and teen magazines alike. So now I'm back to the original question, 'Just what is it you like in that Keanu?' Well, apart from his intelligence, his love of Shakespeare, his ingenious and totally original ability to act, his severe practicality, that incredible 'he-he' of a laugh he has, a suitcase filled with 'versatile' and 'practical' black T-shirts (one for every occasion I daresay), a great respect for Timberland boots, a never-ending love of watch caps, the words 'lust', 'luscious' and 'libido' and that wonderful 'get me through the day' Greg Gorman (why has that man never won the Pultzer Prize?) 'Butt' shot he also just happens to be almost as 'drop dead gorgeous' as my husband�(well, a girl can never be to careful!) To some endearing fans Keanu quite simply is God of all acting professions, bass player of excellence, most beautiful man in the Universe, adored by men and women alike. Forever remembered for the false marriage rumour and uttering �excellent� to many times, a kind and loving man who always finds time to share with his fanatical followers. He's an enigma inside a puzzle, a man who no one can claim to know. Keanu Reeves is that and more. For all the joy and happiness his work has given, he will never know what he truly means to us in return, and for that he should be thankful. And finally a word to all your young heathens who consider me far to old to be chasing after Keanu and who instead believe I should be at the customary hairdressers getting my 'blue rinse' touched up, well, in reply I can only say this, once I've turned my hearing aid up to full volume and whenever I hear the words 'cool breeze' I grin quite insensibly. Most people don't understand this and think me quite strange. Now just where did I leave my walking stick�.' by Tony Pastoliano

BIO/PROFILE Name: Keanu Reeves Birth Name: Keanu Charles Reeves Height: 6'1" Sex: M Nationality: Canadian Date: September 2, 1964 Birth Place: Beirut, Lebanon Occupation: actor, musician Education: High School for the Performing Arts in Toronto, Ontario, Canada De La Salle College (dropped out) Second City workshop in Toronto Hedgerow Theatre in Media, PA. Relationship: Carrie-Anne Moss (actress; dated in 1999), Jennifer Syme Father: Samuel Nowlin Reeves (geologist) Mother: Patricia (costume designer; divorced four times) Sister: Kim Reeves (horse breeder; born in 1966) Half Sister: Karina Miller (born in 1976; father: Robert Miller) Step Father: Jack Bond (hair-salon owner; divorced in 1994), Robert Miller (rock promoter; married for five years), Paul Aaron (theater director; divorced after six months of marriage) Claim to fame: as Ted Theodore Logan in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)


Keanu Reeves


The Matrix Revolutions
Mayor Of Sunset Strip
The Matrix Reloaded
Sweet November
The Gift
The Watcher
The Replacements
The Matrix
Me And Will
The Devil's Advocate
The Last Time I Committed Suicide
Feeling Minnesota
Chain Reaction
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Johnny Mnemonic
Little Buddha
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
Much Ado About Nothing
Bram Stoker's Dracula
My Own Private Idaho
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
Point Break
Tune In Tomorrow
I Love You To Death
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
The Night Before
Permanent Record
The Prince Of Pennsylvania
Dangerous Liaisons
River's Edge
One Step Away


Children Remember The Holocaust
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, TV series
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Babes In Toyland
Under The Influence
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