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WHAT'S ABOUT CLAY? What is it about Clay? What is the X-factor he�s increasingly developed throughout the competition? Why have fans all over the world been going wild for him? American Idol 2 has run its course, and Ruben Studdard has won the crown, leaving Clay Aiken a very close second. Clay fans are now in mourning, but determined, now more than ever, to stand by their idol. As a testimony to this, the following is from the owner of Idol's final, expressing the sentiments of Clay�s millions of fans: Know that YOU are our WINNER and time will show that you are what legends are made of. You have a rare and beautiful gift and you have touched lives all around the world. (...) Thank you for sharing your gift with us. So what is it about Clay? What gives him this difficult-to-define allure � the X-factor? More and more every week, he has evoked massive adulation around the globe, being revered and adored in equal measure. It has been suggested that such worldwide fervor has not been seen since the days of the Beatles. A new language has built up around him. There are Claynadians and fans from the UClay. Clay is �acclaymed� and his fans are �infatuaiken.� At least six websites have been created specifically around him � and counting. Message boards are legion and have been constantly active, day and night! Women declare their love for him. His cause, autism, is receiving much-needed attention because of him. So what is it about Clay? What has given Clay Aiken the X-factor? Here are my top ten Clay-factors: 1) That voice! Well, what can I say. That amazing voice became more searingly beautiful every week. It could have come straight from Heaven. Off-stage, Clay, by his own acknowledgment, is more hyperactive. On-stage he acquired a groundedness, depth and resonance which was almost ethereal. His voice spoke to the depths of the soul and touched emotions we didn�t know we had. 2) Love. Clay is loving and caring. This is very evident on stage. When he smiles, hearts melt. He seems to express such joy that people�s hearts go straight out to him. A fan explained this much better than I could: �Clay puts love and joy out there ... he gets it back ... and gives it out again ... that�s why we stay in love with him.� �And when he smiles ... he just has you smiling back. He is thoroughly enjoying himself ... and we enjoy him back.� He also loves his mom, and is very tactile towards women. How sweet was that to watch. No matter what country they were in, women would have been mesmerized. The same fan said, �And he�s so sweet and gentlemanly - what�s not to love. He stands there before us with OPEN ARMS ... and we just want to fall right into them.� 3) The �geek to chic� factor. Clay has transformed himself before our very eyes. At his audition he was an ordinary student � crumpled, thickly bespectacled, red-haired, skinny, and with prominent ears. The judges didn�t think he looked remotely like an idol and were even unsure whether to allow him into the next heat. Then he transformed himself into a love-god. Turned out all the time he was not an ugly duckling at all! He got a makeover, or several. He stopped contorting his face. He got sharp suits and leather jackets. He got lighting. He got great songs to sing. His voice was fabulous. The mix became irresistible. So what emerged? A swan. 4) He forgot his words once, but he picked himself up again. During a potentially beautiful rendition of Don McLean�s �Vincent,� the unthinkable happened, and Clay forgot his words in two places. Did he collapse in a heap, show visible signs of nerves or flunk out of the contest? No way. This is Clay! What Clay did was blithely carry on as if nothing had happened, finishing, as Paula Abdul noted, with dignity. And when Ryan asked him how you pick yourself up from something like that, he said, �You bring it! You bring it next time!� And he proceeded to do so, and then some, knocking us out with �Mack the Knife� and �Unchained Melody.� What Clay was doing here was saying in not so many words, �It�s okay to mess up! We�re all human, and humans go wrong sometimes. When you do, you don�t have to rip yourself to shreds because of it or hope the floor will swallow you up. You don�t have to brand yourself a failure and give up. It�s okay! Just carry on, and you�ll get there in the end.� People love him for it.

CLAY AIKEN BIO Full Name: Clayton Holmes [Grissom] Aiken Birthday: November 30, 1978 [Age: 24 ] From: Raleigh, North Carolina Nicknames: Gonzo Pets: Used to have a goat named Zoe� may she rest in peace! Height: 6' 1" Hair Color: Naturally Red, Dyed Brown Eyes: Green Weight: 145 pounds Shoe Size: 13 and a half Idol: "My mother is the strongest person I know." Family: Mother (Faye), Father (Ray, deceased, summer '02), 2 brothers (Jeff-35 [Step-brother], Brett Parker-17 [Half-brother]), and 1 sister (Amy-30 [Step-sister]). Feels About Life: His "to-do" list is still unfinished. Religion: Southern Baptist [His Church] Phobias: Water Allergies: Chocolate, coffee, mint, shellfish, almonds, tree nuts, and mushrooms Education: Special Ed. major at UNC-Charlotte [one semester left] and attended highschool at Leesville Road High Occupation: "CAP MR/DD worker" (The Community Alternatives Program for Persons with Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities, North Carolina) Previous Singing: In a group called Just by Chance and/or Raleigh Boys Choir Favorite Drink: Coca Cola, Clay Aiken aIKEN Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese, Bar*B*Q food Free Time: Art (Museaums, Theater, etc); Dine with Friends, go to movies, listen to music, sleep, spend time with family, and of course, vegetate Hidden Talent: Can turn both his feet backwards (described as �his circus-freak-like ability to swing his legs 180 degrees around� by one reporter) Dream Vacation: His Couch Political Views: Liberal Car: Some say that he's driving a Sedan and selling his Jeep Grand Cheroke and now I from another source it says that he is driving his Jeep Grand Cheroke and his selling his Honda Accord. Relationship Status: Single and Loving it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shoe Size: 13.5 Nicknames: Gonzo Job: CAP MR/DD worker (working with a 13 year old autistic boy) Religion: Southern Baptist (Leesville Baptist) Phobias: Water, Cats Allergies: Chocolate, coffe, mint, shellfish, almonds and mushrooms. Drink: Coke. Video Game: Dead or Alive 3. Relationship Status: Single and loving it. Political Views: Liberal Car he Drives: White SUV Volvo, Jeep Grand Cheroke (previously, a Honda Accord) Feels About Life: His important "to-do" list is still unfinished. Free Time: Art (Museaums, Theater, etc); Dine with Friends, go to movies, listen to music, SLEEP!, spend time with family, vegetate. Dream Vacation: His Couch Favorite Cereal: Captin Crunch Favorite Food: Mac & Cheese.

What songs has Clay performed on the show?

� "This Is The Night" - 5/20/03
� "Here, There and Everywhere" - 5/20/03
� "Bridge Over Troubled Water" - 5/20/03
� "Vincent" - 5/13/03
� "Mack The Knife" - 5/13/03
� "Unchained Melody" - 5/13/03
� "Grease" - 5/6/03
� "To Love Somebody" - 5/6/03
� "Solitaire" - 4/29/03
� "Build Me Up Buttercup" - 4/29/03
� "I Could Not Ask For More" - 4/22/03
� "Tell Her About It" - 4/15/03
� "At This Moment" - 4/8/03
� "Everlasting Love" - 4/1/03
� "Someone Else's Star" - 3/25/03
� "Somewhere Out There" - 3/18/03
� "I Can't Help Myself" - 3/11/03
� "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me" - 3/4/03
� "Open Arms" - 2/11/03