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Born December 18, 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, William Bradley Pitt has transformed himself into the most desired man in the world. Perhaps nobody in the history of film has elicited so many women in interviews to say "I'd only do a nude scene with Brad Pitt" or something to that effect. Perhaps added to that desire is the fact that many of Pitt's co-stars have dated the man voted in People Magazine as the Sexiest Man Alive in 1994. Brad comes from a strongly Baptist family and was raised in Springfield, Missouri. Brad's dad, Bill, is a trucking company manager, and his mother, Jane, is a high school counselor. No doubt several of her counseling hours were convincing her students to get rid of the fantasy of dating her son. Brad graduated from Kickapoo High and soon after heading to the University of Missouri, dropped his plans for majoring in advertising and set out to fulfill his boyhood dream, acting in Hollywood. Before he left, he lied to his parents and told them he was going to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. What really happened were odd jobs wearing a chicken costume for El Pollo Loco and driving strippers around for bachelor parties in a limo. He didn't have to embarrass himself too long before getting roles in Dallas and Cutting Class, the latter in which he met and dated Jill Schoelen. His role in the movie Thelma & Louise rocketed himself into the hot hunks of Hollywood status and caught the attention of co-star Geena Davis, whom Pitt also dated briefly. Pitt then starred in Too Young To Die? with Juliette Lewis. Perhaps the title should have been, Too Young for California Law as Pitt had a lengthy relationship with the then 16 year old Lewis whom he also starred with in Kalifornia. Brad then made a name for himself as a good actor and not just a tightly abed pin-up when he starred in A River Runs Through It and Interview With A Vampire. Pitt then followed up with Seven, where once again he sacked his co-star Gwyneth Paltrow, the relationship stretched over 2 1/2 years and included a period of engagement as well. The couple since split and the rumored reason for the breakup was in part because of Gwyneth's resistance to pleasure Brad.. err, shall we say, orally! Pitt then put out his first Oscar nominated performance with the movie 12 Monkeys. His greatest work, however, may have been with Seven Years In Tibet, a role incidentally which caused Pitt to be banned from the country of China for his role. Pitt's desire to distance himself from the pretty boy rolls caused him to jump on the script for Fight Club, a movie in which several of his female followers were repulsed by. Besides dating several of his co-stars, Pitt has dated several other celebrities as well, and what would you expect, since he could easily score any single (or even most married) woman in Hollywood? Brad's first celebrity dating was with Robin Givens in 1989, and the romance was quickly extinguished by crazed boxer and ex-husband Mike Tyson. Pitt rebounded from his relationship with the very young Lewis with Jitka Pohlodek. He also spent some time with Katja von Garnier, who was actually Pitt's age in this case when they dated in 1997. Others rumored to have pleasured Brad not already mentioned include Nicole Appleton, Demi Moore, Julia Ormond, and Uma Thurman. His current girl toy and wife is Jennifer Aniston. Although some gossip mongers have said Pitt was shacking up with Kelly Brook while in the UK filming the movie Fight Club. Pitt and Aniston lead a very reclusive life as a couple, many of their friends claim it is impossible to get the two to ever go out. Pitt even bought the homes to either side of his house to ensure privacy. Part of the speculation surrounding their privacy is the fact that the two are both insanely jealous of each other and cannot trust each other apart. Aniston is especially jealous of Gwyneth to the point where Pitt has began performing a cross eyed imitation of Paltrow to calm her down, her friends say. Speculation from the Globe incorrectly said Aniston was pregnant with Pitt's child, which was later proven false. Also swirling over the couple is the allegation that they are both pot heads, although we haven't seen a "Pamela & Tommy stolen video tape" type evidence to prove it! Brad has appeared in the nude in Playgirl magazine and he wasn't too happy about his naked pictures appearing in it. Brad sued Playgirl and got a judge to order the 'recall' of the sold out August 1997 issue. Pitt besides being the desire of every woman (including even lesbian rocker Melissa Etheridge whom admitted to such in an interview) is the desire of many homosexual men. Several gossip mongers even claim that Pitt is bisexual, although there seems no concrete evidence to support such claims.Perhaps its a case where these men 'wish' he was bisexual as the National Examiner recently quoted from the editor of the Gay and Lesbian Times "He's a gay icon." Topping the list of celebrity women lusting after Pitt is Britney Spears, the internet's darling who admitted to her crush but was disheartened to learn she got beat to the punch by Aniston, whom Pitt married July 29, 2000 amid a huge amount of press coverage and celebrity attendees. NEWS October 10, 2003 - Thursday night with Diane Sawyer on "Primetime," Gwyneth says she was totally at fault in her famous bust-up with Brad Pitt, she handled the whole thing badly and it has taken her five years to get over the end of the affair! ("I was the architect of my own misery . . . I just made a big mess out of it.") She also says she was lucky to have had her time with a "good person" like Brad. "Especially when I was such a mess." October 10, 2003 - Britney Spears tells Esquire magazine that she doesn't see herself as superfamous. "I'm famous, but I'm not famous like freaking Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston," she said. "But in my weird little head, I just think we're all here to inspire each other. We're all equal. We just bounce off each other and show the world what we can do." Read more. October 2, 2003 - The Sun reports Brad Pitt needed therapy to help him cope with fame. Brad said: "Fame almost destroyed me. Money and power distort your perspective. I went into psychoanalysis for 18 months. It was important to see how I function to be able to see clearly again." September 30, 2003 - The Associated Press reports police arrested six security guards hired to protect the set of the Brad Pitt's movie Troy and charged them with stealing an all-terrain motorcycle and tools belonging to the production crew, police said. Read more. September 30, 2003 - The New York Post reports Jennifer Aniston put her foot down and told 'Friends' producers that she would only return if they cut the number of episodes and put production on an "accelerated" shooting schedule. "Jennifer told her husband Brad [Pitt] she would focus on starting a family last year," a Hollywood insider said. "Brad was really angry when she went back for another year. It's not like they - or anyone else on 'Friends' - needs the money. Jennifer compromised. The rest of the cast wanted one more year and she felt a lot of pressure. But she also wants to keep Brad happy. So Jennifer said she would do one more year, but insisted on only 18 shows and that filming would be done by January." Read more. September 14, 2003 - Roger Friedman of reports that 'Troy', the gazillion-dollar epic which stars Brad Pitt as Achilles, the original heel, needs a Trojan horse full of investors. Read more. August 29, 2003 - Dr. Carol Lieberman tells Star magazine Jennifer Aniston appears to be the boss in her marriage to Brad Pitt. "He wants children, yet she continues to focus on work. It appears that she's the boss," she said. August 27, 2003 - Star magazine reports Brad Pitt was offered the role in 'Alexander', playing the homosexual lover of Colin Farrell's character, but wife Jennifer made him turn down the role, worried it would not be good for his image. Jared Leto instead jumped on the part. August 23, 2003 - Troubled thriller "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" looks as if it is headed back to the altar, with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the title roles, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Read more. August 21, 2003 - WENN reports Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have finally moved into the Hollywood dream home they bought two years ago - prompting speculation they are ready to start a family. August 18, 2003 - In the must-have "What's Sexy Now" September issue of InStyle, on stands August 22nd, Brad Pitt won 'Sexiest Sex Symbol' for the third time -- a first in the history of the poll. Read more. August 14, 2003 - Film maker Kevin Smith wants Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck to play a young Fletch in the prequel to the Fletch films that starred Chevy Chase. Read more. August 14, 2003 - Star magazine reports Brad Pitt is having a special clause written in his contract saying that if he or Jennifer has more than a couple of days off while they're apart, a private jet will whisk the available partner to see the other -- even for as little as 24 hours, all on the movie company's tab. August 13, 2003 - The New York Daily News reports Brad Pitt is thinking about summoning the ghost of James Dean. The actor is interested in remaking 'East of Eden,' Elia Kazan's 1955 drama based on the 1952 novel by John Steinbeck. Read more. August 11, 2003 - "Marriage really suits me or maybe it's just Jennifer that really suits me," the Sunday Mail quotes Brad Pitt saying. August 9, 2003 - Star magazine reports that Brad Pitt made two stops at Erewhon Natural Foods Market in Los Angeles within 1 hour. It seems Pitt forgot some items on wife Jennifer Aniston's list so she sent him back. "This time I brought a list!", Brad told the clerk. Amongst the items were Jen's favorite organic plain rice cakes, wheat-free brown-rice, medley, and egg-free mayo. August 7, 2003 - Globe magazine reports that while Brad Pitt was taking a break from filming 'Troy' in Los Angeles, he stopped by a supermarket for a soda and bag of pretzels. A stranded female motorist spotted him and asked, "Are you the tow truck driver? I am so late for a job interview!" Brad simply smiled and helped jump star the woman's car. Then a patron at the market told the woman who the helpful man actually was. She said, "Yeah right. A Hollywood star would never be this nice and helpful to a complete stranger!" August 4, 2003 - Us Weekly reports Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are spending their third anniversary in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, where the couple will stay as Brad films 'Troy'. The pair will be staying at a luxury villa on a seaside cliff in a gated community called El Pedregal. "They have sun decks, a pool, and an outdoor gym with an awning constructed just so that they could work out in total privacy," a source revealed. August 1, 2003 - Star magazine has a feature on how Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are coping with their separation crisis, as both stars maintain a busy schedule keeping them apart. "They've got it tough right now, there's no doubt about that," confided a friend of the couple. "They knew giong in that this marriage would take lots of work, but I don't think they expected things to get this rocky. And it looks like the road ahead is even rockier." August 1, 2003 - Star magazine quotes Brad Pitt saying, "Nice guys think they have to be polite all the time and that can be boring. Bad guys are more honest!" August 1, 2003 - Us Weekly reports that when Brad Pitt left Malta, he had good things to say about the isle and promised to return. "When Brad left, he told his driver how much he'd enjoyed his stay and how much Jennifer had loved it too," a local source revealed. "They were already planning a return journey."

Birth Name : William Bradley Pitt Birth Date : December 18 1963 Birth Place : Shawnee Oklahoma Sex : M Height : 6' Country : American Occupation : actor Spouse : Jennifer Aniston (actress; married on July 29 2000 until present) Relation : Katja von Garnier (director dated in 1997) Gwyneth Paltrow (actress engaged in November 1996; separated in June 1997) Jitka Pohlodek (model dated in 1993) Juliette Lewis (actress together 1990-1993) Jill Schoelen (actress) Robin Givens (actress)

Brad Pitt - filmography
(In Production) (2000s) (1990s) (1980s)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2004) (pre-production) .... Mr. Smith
Ocean's Twelve (2004) (pre-production) .... Rusty Ryan
Troy (2004) (filming) .... Achilles

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003) (voice) .... Sinbad
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002) .... Brad, Bachelor #1
Full Frontal (2002) .... Brad/Himself
Ultimate Fights from the Movies (2002) (V) (archive footage) .... Mickey O'Neil (Snatch)
Ocean's Eleven (2001) .... Rusty Ryan
... aka 11 (2001) (USA: poster title)
... aka O11 (2001) (USA: informal short title)
Spy Game (2001) .... Tom Bishop
Mexican, The (2001) .... Jerry Welbach
Snatch. (2000) .... Mickey O'Neil
... aka Snatch: Pigs and Diamonds (2000) (International: English title)

Fight Club (1999) .... Tyler Durden
... aka Fight Club (1999) (Germany)
Meet Joe Black (1998) .... Joe Black
Dark Side of the Sun, The (1997) .... Rick
... aka Mracna strana sunca (1997) (Yugoslavia: Serbian title)
... aka Tamna strana sunca (1997) (Yugoslavia: Serbian title)
Seven Years in Tibet (1997) .... Heinrich Harrer
Devil's Own, The (1997) .... Rory Devaney/Francis 'Frankie' McGuire
Sleepers (1996) .... Michael Sullivan
Twelve Monkeys (1995) .... Jeffrey Goines
Se7en (1995) .... Detective David Mills
Legends of the Fall (1994) .... Tristan Ludlow
Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994) .... Louis de Pointe du Lac
... aka Interview with the Vampire (1994) (USA: short title)
Favor, The (1994) .... Elliott Fowler
... aka Indecent Favour, The (1994) (Australia)
True Romance (1993) .... Floyd
Kalifornia (1993) .... Early Grayce
Contact (1992) .... Cox
River Runs Through It, A (1992) .... Paul Maclean
Cool World (1992) .... Detective Frank Harris
Across the Tracks (1991) .... Joe Maloney
Two-Fisted Tales (1991) (TV) .... Billy (segment "King of the Road")
Johnny Suede (1991) .... Johnny Suede
Thelma & Louise (1991) .... J.D.
"Glory Days" (1990) TV Series .... Walker Lovejoy
Too Young to Die? (1990) (TV) .... Billy Canton
Image, The (1990) (TV) .... Steve Black

Cutting Class (1989) .... Dwight Ingalls
Happy Together (1989/I) .... Brian
Stoning in Fulham County, A (1988) (TV) .... Theodore 'Teddy' Johnson
"Another World" (1964) TV Series .... Chris (1987)
... aka "Another World: Bay City" (1964)
Less Than Zero (1987) (uncredited) .... Partygoer
No Man's Land (1987) (uncredited) .... Waiter